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As do many other martial arts, capoeira uses a ranking system to provide visual recognition of a student’s knowledge, length of practice, and dedication to the art.  


Specific to capoeira is the cord system. Cords are Capoeira's version of belts as in other Martial Arts.

Note that the cord system used here is not the standard system used for every capoeira group. What may signal a “beginner” with Allied Capoeira League may mean “5-year student” in another group, and vice versa.  


While each ranking carries with it an expected time commitment, having practiced for a set amount of time does not guarantee a specific cord.  These are more general guidelines than a rigid structure, and apply mostly to students that consistently practice in and out of class. Cords are primarily given based on individual student skill, ability, and growth across the many facets that make up capoeira.

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